Lowering the costs of Remittance transfers within Africa

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March 26, 2017 all-day
Halu Kinfe
Lowering the costs of Remittance transfers within Africa

The African Institute for Remittances (AIR) organized a Side Event on the theme: “Lowering costs of remittance transfers within Africa”, on 26th March 2017, in Dakar, Senegal, in the margin of the 10th Joint Annual Meetings of the African Union (AU) Specialized Technical Committee on Finance, Monetary Affairs, Economic Planning and Integration and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, scheduled from 23-28 March 2017.

The overall objective of the Side Event is to discuss the role of the relevant stakeholders including Ministries and Central Banks to achieving the goal of reducing the costs of remittance transfers within Africa, in line with the commitments of world leaders taken in G20, Valetta, UN, inter alia.

The specific objectives are:

–       Creation of awareness on the overall Technical Assistance (TA) Program of AIR;

–       Presentation on the major findings of the baseline assessment conducted in selected AU Member States;

–       Identified actions/strategies in improving remittance markets transparency;

–       Highlight latest developments in Remittances and share the analysis report from Send Money Africa (SMA) based on the data collected in 2016;

–       Wider buy-in from Member States’ Officials.

Participants to the side event shall include: Senior officials from the African Union Commission, Ministers of Finance, Monetary Affairs, Economic Planning and Integration, Central Bank Governors of MS participating in AIR’s Technical Assistant Program; Experts from Ministries and central banks, Representatives of development partners and the private sector: continental banks, MTOs, and others.

Participation to the Side Event is free and open to all interested parties in remittance issues.

Further information are available from

  • – African Institute for Remittances (AIR): AIR@au-air.org; Secretariat@au-air.org
  • – Halu Kinfe kinfeh@africa-union.org; Ousmane Diop ousmane.diop@au-air.org

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