The African Institute for Remittances (AIR) is a specialized technical office of the African Union Commission (AUC) established to assist the AU Member States to (a) improve their statistical measurement, compiling and reporting capabilities on remittances data; (b) Promote appropriate changes to their legal and regulatory frameworks for remittances, payment and settlement systems as well as use of innovative technology so as to promote greater competition and efficiency, resulting in reductions of transfer costs; and (c) Leverage the potential impact of remittances on social and economic development of Member States, as well as promoting financial inclusion.

3rd Diaspora Engagement Forum (DEF)

Creating an Enabling Environment for Up-scaling the Potential Impact of Remittances: A Multi-Stakeholder Approach The African Institute for Remittances (AIR)…

Visit by AIR to Bank Al-Maghrib

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Diaspora Engagement Forum 2018

AIR DEF2018 3-4 May 2018, Vienna, Austria. The AIR Diaspora Engagement Forum – AIR DEF serves as a key platform…

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Area of Focus

Reduction of cost of remittance transfers to and within Africa

The Institute will, among other things, implement a capacity building program aimed at improving remittances data measurement, collection, compilation and reporting systems as well as facilitate in upgrading and designing legal and regulatory frameworks of Member States.

Remittance data and statistics

Remittances have become a major source of external flows in many African countries, surpassing foreign direct investment and exceeding official development assistance in some cases.

Leveraging Remittances

The Institute strives to identify and promote strategies to strengthen the link between remittances and financial inclusion.

Research on Remittances

To encourage innovation, the Institute will be working with private sector to develop more innovative products including use of technology.

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